Botanical Name: Zingiber officinale

Method of Extraction and Plant Part: Steam Distillation; the Ginger root is macerated and distilled over high heat, from which the oil is extracted.

Country of Origin: Sri Lanka / China / Indonesia

Believed to:

    • Ease nausea, menstrual discomfort, upset stomach, anxiety, muscle soreness, and joint pain
    • Even out skin tone and enhance skin elasticity
    • Have a warming and stimulating effect on the skin and mind
    • Exhibit anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties
    • Display tonic, laxative, digestive, and anti-spasmodic activity
    • Reduce or eliminate mucus from the respiratory tract to soothe irritation and congestion
    • Promote easier breathing by opening up airways and diminishing inflammation
    • Reduce symptoms of colds, flu, and fever
    • Enhance libido by arousing sensuality, calmness, and confidence
    • Replace negative emotions such as stress, fatigue, and sadness with enthusiastic energy
    • Boost circulation and thereby stimulate the growth of stronger and healthier hair and skin
    • Facilitate the fading of scars and cellulite
    • Promote a smooth, clear, and radiant complexion

11 Benefits of Ginger You Need to Know Right Away

Benefits of Ginger

Prevent fine lines and wrinkles

The antioxidants in ginger can be used to help preserve your skin’s collagen, making it an all-natural ingredient for anti-aging routines. 

ginger oil

Ease joint pain

Ginger oil has been shown to help reduce knee pain, low back pain and arthritis thanks to its antioxidant properties.

benefits of ginger

Boost hair health

The people of East Asia have used ginger as a means to promote hair growth for years. In fact, one study found that there’s a ginger remedy for solving hair problems like hair loss, dandruff and split ends. 

benefits of ginger

Promote healthy skin

It turns out, common facial skin issues we secretly wish we didn’t have—like enormous, plentiful pores and an oily, shiny complexion—can be helped with refined ginger. In at least one study, refined ginger, which is made up of active plant cells from the medicinal Asian ginger plant, was reported to improve the skin structure of women who had skin issues.

benefits of ginger

Clear up acne and blemishes

Looking for a quick fix to mask that bad breakout? The antioxidants in ginger can help improve the appearance of—even and restore—skin. 

benefits of ginger

Prevent nausea—and solve other stomach troubles

People have been using dried ginger to help offset that dreaded nauseous feeling that accompanies an upset stomach for thousands of years, dating back to ancient Chinese and Romans ancestors. It’s still used today by medical doctors and other healthcare providers to treat stomachaches as well.

benefits of ginger

Thanks to the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties of ginger, it’s been heavily credited to helping combat a handful of diseases. Because of this, ginger has been widely studied and used to manage—and even prevent—some cancers, too. 

benefits of ginger

Burn extra fat

Making a healthy ginger soup doesn’t just make for a delicious dinner—it also helps keep excess weight off. Since the active ingredients in ginger boost your metabolism, it helps burn fat.

benefits of ginger

The antioxidant gingerol is one of the active components of ginger—and the main reason why the spice reduces inflammation in our bodies

benefits of ginger

Manage dandruff

The flaking can seem hard to control. Before you spend tons of money on brand-name products, it’s definitely worth trying a DIY ginger remedy—especially if you’re sensitive to most shampoos. Because ginger contains antiseptic properties, it helps get rid of pesky dandruff flakes.

benefits of ginger

Because ginger can help reduce inflammation within the body, it reduces muscle pain that comes after a super intense workout. Ginger has also been used to treat pain-related symptoms in those who have osteoarthritis, with the help of a purified ginger extract.